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You might have had a loved one arrested without the need to pay bail because the judge released them on their own recognizance. If this is the case, the individual is asked to sign a document that states that they will come to court on the required date. No bail is required. Of course, not everybody is offered this opportunity. This is available only in certain circumstances. If you fall into at least one of these categories, this could be the case for you.

1. You have strong connections to the community.

The judge will likely determine that you are not a flight risk if you have strong ties to your community. For instance, you might have family members in the area or a well-established career. You may have an important role at church or you might have children that you are close to. These strong connections may prove to the judge that you are going to make your court appointment.

2. You do not have a strong criminal history.

If you don’t have a record or have only minor events documented in your past, you are not as likely to pay bail. If you always appeared before the judge in these cases, it may prove that you are trustworthy. The judge wants to know that you are not going to skip court. If it seems as if you are typically a law-abiding citizen, it will relieve any worry that you won’t show up.

3. Somebody speaks up on your behalf.

You may have an employer or church leader with great standing in the community stand up to speak for you. This is most likely to work if the crime you have been arrested for is minor and you probably do not pose a threat to the community. The arrest might have been for shoplifting, a traffic offense or simply a first low-level offense. Another person staking their reputation on your behalf can mean quite a bit depending on their position.

The defendant must request a release on their own recognizance. The judge may deny this request or offer a very low bail amount. Of course, you are not completely out of the woods. The judge may demand that you attend counseling sessions or live under the supervision of family in the meantime. For many, these conditions are preferable to spending time behind bars or spending money to bail out of jail.

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