DIY Credit Repair: Mistakes To Avoid

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If you have poor credit, then you may find it difficult to get approved for loans–especially those with reasonable interest rates. If you’re tired of your less-than-perfect credit score looming over your financial life, then you might be wondering what steps you can take to gradually increase your credit score over time. Aside from working with a professional credit repair service, there are some specific credit mistakes you can avoid making over the next few years to help salvage your credit. Cancelling Credit Card Accounts Misuse of credit cards is often what gets people into problems with their credit scores in the first place. As such, it makes sense that many people turn to cutting up their credit cards and cancelling their lines of credit in an effort to increase their scores. However, not using your lines and closing accounts can actually make things worse. Instead, the best thing you can do is scale down your use of credit cards to the point that you can pay off at least the minimum balance (if not the entire balance) with each bill. Not Monitoring Your Credit Report Believe it or not, credit reporting bureaus make mistakes on credit reports from time to time. As such, it’s up to you to monitor your credit and be on the lookout for mistakes. The best way to do this is to utilize a free credit monitoring service, which will alert you to any changes on your report as they happen. If you do run into any mistakes on your report, you can then file an official dispute with the reporting bureau to have them corrected. Turning to Bankruptcy Finally, don’t make the assumption that filing for bankruptcy will take care of all of your financial woes. In many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Filing for chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy should only be seen as a last resort–and you should never file without first consulting with a financial advisor. After all, a bankruptcy isn’t going to help your credit. It will actually have the opposite effect and result in a significant drop in your credit score. As you can see, there are many mistakes that you’ll want to be careful to avoid as you work to increase your credit score. By doing so and by working with a professional credit repair company, you’ll be well on your way to a better score in no time. Talk to experts like Nationwide Credit Repairs for more...

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Three Ways A Payday Loan Can Save You Money

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Emergencies can happen that affect your personal finances in temporary ways, and this unforeseen expense can create a shortage of money during the month. When you take care of an emergency expense, you will likely take funds from another area of your budget. This will likely make you short of cash for a monthly bill. This problem can be solved with a payday loan, and you will save money at the same time. There are three situations in which a short-term loan will do this. Avoid a late fee on your rent or mortgage If you will be short of money in paying your mortgage, you will incur a late fee. The chances are that a short-term loan will cost less than a late fee on your mortgage, so you will save money. The same will hold true on paying your rent; however, in the case of a mortgage payment, a late payment will also affect your credit rating. Avoid a late fee on a car loan A late fee on your car loan will likely be high enough to justify getting a short-term loan. It may be tempting to call your lender and let them know you will be late. In some cases, they may let you make two payments the following month. But this type of strategy will cost you a late fee and additional interest. A smarter choice is to get short-term loan. You will likely save money, and your credit will be unaffected. Prevent your car insurance from lapsing This is huge. If the one bill you come up short on is your car insurance payment, you can easily have your policy cancelled. Many insurance companies now report cancelled auto insurance policies to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Upon receiving this information, they can cancel your vehicle registration. This will result in a fine that must be paid in order to have the registration reinstated. This fine is usually several times greater than the flat fee charged for a payday loan. Of course, if you get caught driving without insurance, you will face additional fines and penalties.   Always remember to first look at the amount of money it will cost you by not paying a bill on time, and then look at how much the loan will cost you. If this is less than the late fees and other charges you incur for not paying on time, then a payday loan will likely be a smart choice for your personal finances. For more information, contact a local payday loan company like #1 Cash...

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Collecting Coins As A Hobby

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Are you a history enthusiast? Do you wish that you had a time machine so that you could visit important historical events? While you may never have your own time machine, you can certainly pretend by purchasing ancient coins for sale. Here are some tips on how to set up your collection: Pick an era and country: There are thousands of ancient coins for sale, in hundreds and hundreds of designs. Although it may be tempting to try to purchase as much as you can, you should try to avoid giving in to that temptation. By focusing on just one or two eras, you can be better educated on exactly what you’re buying. For example, if you normally purchase ancient Roman coins, you may have a hard time telling if an ancient Greek coin is worth the sale price. By focusing on a particular era and country, you’ll better be able to spot fakes. For example, if you know that a particular coin was only minted in gold or silver, you won’t be taken in by a coin that is made of copper or bronze.  Decide on quality: If you want to imagine that you’re a Roman centurion who is buying bread at the market, you probably won’t care if your coins are in mint condition. By purchasing coins that show signs of everyday wear, you’ll be able to stay within a low budget and possibly be able to purchase more coins for your collection. On the other hand, if you are buying ancient coins for sale in the hope that their value will go up, you’ll probably want to focus on a higher grade of coin.  Have storage set aside: Some people who buy ancient coins for sale may simply put them in a shoebox or a jewelry box. If you do this, your coin collection could end up being accidentally spent by an unsuspecting relative. Although not legal tender, some ancient coins may be of similar size and weight to modern coins, allowing them to pass unnoticed in a handful of other change. If your coins are of high quality, you should consider keeping your coin collection in a bank safe deposit box. If your collection is just for fun, you can keep your coins at home in a coin collecting book. Make sure to carefully label your collection and to keep it out of the hands of young children. To learn more, contact a company like Harlan J. Berk, LTD with any questions you...

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How Pawn Shops Are Perhaps The Last Bastion Of Freedom In The Financial Market

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The Hollywood image of the pawn shop needs correcting. It is time to get the image of the cigar chomping, half-intoxicated pawn shop owner out of mind. Television and movies have done a job of promoting the pawn shop as a seedy place to sell, or fence, ill-gotten wares. This comedic representation probably prevents many people from understanding the true nature of the pawn business. It is only recently, with the success of a popular reality show, that some people have gotten a fuller view of the industry. Here are some of the real things that pawn shops do to help the average American. They Do Not Perform Credit Checks In today’s society, that all important credit score means a lot. Without credit, it is difficult to get the basics needed to survive. Try renting an apartment with bad credit. Even worse, ask a bank for a loan. The only credit card offers these people can expect are those with astronomical interest rates. After years of repayment, most wish in the end that they never had gotten the cards. In contrast, pawn shops operate outside the mainstream credit system. People bring in their goods and secure a loan for the value. If they fail to repay the loan, then the items become those of the pawnbroker. This is a “right to sale” feature. This legal contract allows average people to get money they could never dream of otherwise. Moreover, “defaulting” on the loan only means loss of the items put up as collateral. They Usually Buy and Sell Gold Another facet of the pawn industry that people take for granted is the “buy gold,” feature. Pawn shops have long been places to buy and sell precious metals. Investors are becoming more aware of gold as world currencies continue to falter. Consumers realize the possibility that one day there could be a financial meltdown necessitating the use gold and silver. During a crisis, dollar bills, coins, checks and credit cards may not hold the value now given them. Most pawn shops buy and sell gold in the form of jewelry, bullion coins and bars, whenever possible. People can get started trading in precious metals immediately at the pawn shop. They Provide Temporary Cash Last, the pawn industry is perhaps the last place left where someone can go to get temporary cash. Banks, credit unions and friends are often unable to understand the need for some pocket money. Yet, here in California, someone may just want to have some cash to spend on a weekend beach trip. No mainstream lending institution tied into the international credit system is going to accept this rationale. Meanwhile, the pawnbroker has no interest in the reason for the cash. There is no need to explain. Enjoying Freedom at the Pawn Shop With so many people working night-and-day to pay off school loans, credit cards and home mortgages, the pawn industry can seem like a last bastion of freedom. There are no interest rates, no midnight creditor calls and no lowering of credit scores. Anyone who wants to enjoy a stress-free lending environment might want to consider visiting their local pawn shop (such as A J’S Super Pawn Inc)....

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3 Times When You Really Need A Payday Loan

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You probably already know that a payday loan is rarely ever the cheapest way to borrow money. Credit cards and bank loans can often get the job done much cheaper. But what if you don’t have a credit card? What if you need the cash today? What if you have bad credit, or the amount that you need isn’t enough for a traditional loan? Payday express loans have the benefits of being fast, easy to be approved for, and available in small amounts. In some situations, a payday loan really is the best available option, even if it’s not the cheapest. Take a look at few situations where a payday loan really is the best choice. When You’re Facing a Shutoff Almost everyone gets behind on their bills now and then. Perhaps your heating bill soared to unexpected heights over the winter months, or you had to skip a payment because of an emergency medical bill. These things happen. But now your electric company is threatening to shut off your power. Your first step should to call the company that you owe and try to work out a payment arrangement. But if that doesn’t work out, a payday loan is the logical next step. Having your electric shut off may result in shut off and reconnection fees that add up to more than the interest on a payday loan, and what’s more, your house may not be livable while the power is off. When You’re Facing a Repossession Like missed utility payments, missed car payments can be an unfortunate fact of life. You may have missed a car payment in order to pay for a car repair or because you were dealing with some other bill. Miss too many payments, and your finance company may decide to repossess your car. Losing your car could mean missed work or appointments that will almost certainly cost more than the price of a payday loan. If you wait to try to save up the money to get the car back, your payments and fees will continue to mount up. You may never get your car back, and you’ll end up losing a lot more than you’ll need to borrow. In this case, a payday loan can actually save you a lot of cash. When You Need to Pay a Medical Expense You can’t put a price on your health. When you need an antibiotic or a tooth extraction, you need them right away, not in two weeks when you get paid next. Sometimes medical emergencies happen when you’re uninsured, or when you don’t have enough in savings to cover your costs. When you need money for medication or a medical treatment, it’s better for your health to go ahead and get the money that you need to take care of the problem right away. In the long run, it’s also better for your wallet. Leaving a medical issue untreated can lead to more serious, and more costly, medical issues down the line. It’s true that payday loans cost more than traditional loans and credit cards. But payday loans also cost far less than utility shut offs, repossessions, and serious medical issues. It’s not a good idea to rely on payday loans for frivolous expenses or extras, but it’s a good thing that...

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Steps For Putting Up Mortgage On Bail

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Bail is an amount of money set by the court and judge based on the arrested person’s reputation, flight risk and criminal record. If it was a misdemeanor and they don’t have an extensive criminal history, it is likely bail will be approved. In some cases, bail is set at a higher amount than you have money for, thus requiring another way to finance the bail. For some, bail is thousands of dollars. In these cases, using mortgage or property you own might be your only option. How and Why to Use Mortgage Most likely, you aren’t using a mortgage for getting the cash, but as collateral for the bonding company. While the company is going to ask for a percentage of the bond amount, they may also want collateral as well. It helps when the bond is set at a higher amount, as putting up your property reduces their risk of the lost money if the person arrested disappears. The mortgage can be for your house, business property you own, residential property, or even the insurance policies for your home or business. Property Documentation Once you have spoken to a bonding company and decided to put up your mortgage or property as collateral, you will need to find the proper documentation. You should have a document that shows you are indeed the owner of this property. You will also need to fill out a form called Declaration of Trust of Real Estate to Secure Performance of a Bail Bond. The bonding company should have them on hand, otherwise you can find them online and fill them out. This document will ask for the address of the property, value and any liens you currently have on the property. Informing the Bail Bondsman Once you have your documentation and the proper form filled out, pay the bail amount fee to the bail bondsman. While you are using your mortgage for bail as collateral, this is not usually the only requirement of the bonding company. They also need a percentage of the original bail amount as the fee for their services. A payment arrangement is also possible. Once you let them know you are using property as collateral, they are more likely to approve the bonding contract. Consequences of Using Property One thing you need to understand about using your home or property as collateral is that the bonding company can seize your property if anything goes wrong. Make sure this is what you intend to do, as you will owe the bond money if your loved one goes missing. If they do not appear for their court date, the court is not going to reimburse the bail amount to the bonding agent, which means you either have to pay it in full, or you lose your house. Collateral is not always required, but if it is, make sure you think about it before jumping into this decision. Talk to a bail bond agent like Nickel Bail Bonds for more information about this type of...

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How A Payday Loan And Selling Your Car Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

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During the current economic slump, many people are strapped for cash and struggling to make ends meet. Instead of allowing your heart rate to jump by 40 beats per minute every time you look at your checkbook or your PayPal account, take a look at the tips below to find out how selling your car can help you save money and why you should consider a payday loan. Sell Your Car Yes, it may sound crazy, but selling your car and transporting yourself to work may be the ticket to spending less money than you thought possible. The average American spent approximately $4,000 on gasoline in the year of 2011. That figure may increase as gas prices continue to rise. If you do not need to pay for your transportation, you will be able to put that extra money aside for other expenses you may have. Cars have a bad habit of needing occasional repairs and tune-ups. If you delete the car from your life, you can also avoid auto mechanic expenses and unpleasant surprises from the car with the dead battery the day you woke up late. Not everyone will be able to scrap their car, but those who do will find the added health benefits of being forced to transport themselves to work more than worth the extra time travel takes. Not only will you have a toned and strong body, but you will also avoid the need to spend money for gym workouts. Cha-ching! When Times Are Dark Even with your best efforts, you may still find yourself unable to ride the waves of your personal financial storm. You may have an unexpected illness or injury in your family that required hospitalization, rehab and exorbitant doctors’ bills. You may find yourself in dire straits to provide for your family’s needs for the next week. If you are in this situation, consider a payday loan as a short-term fix to help you get back on your feet. What Are Payday Loans? Payday loans are a certain amount of money that you can request from a lender to cover any needed expenses while you wait for your paycheck to arrive. They are an ideal option for those who find themselves in a financial bind and have no other resource to fall back on. While a loan of any sort does entail interest fees, payday loans can help calm the waves of your personal financial crisis until you can steer your ship to safe harbor once again. Visit a site like for more...

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Tips To Signing A Lease For A Commercial Warehouse

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Obtaining a commercial warehouse is an important step for many business owners, and getting the right lease for your warehouse can be critical to the success of your business. These tips for signing a commercial warehouse lease agreement will help you find the right property and the right agreement for your needs. Get a Lawyer It’s not enough to read the lease, although you should carefully read any lease that you sign. Find a lawyer experienced in commercial real estate who can help you understand the details of the lease. Your lawyer will be able to pull apart the lease and put it in terms that you understand, and he or she will be able to tell you if the lease you’re about to sign is in your business’s best interests. Negotiate Regardless of whether or not the lease you’re signing is a standard lease, all clauses of the lease are negotiable. It’s especially important to negotiate if you’re signing a long-term lease. Remember, long-term leases lock you into a binding agreement for many years. This involves a certain amount of risk for you as a business owner, while it ensures a certain amount of security for the property owner. This should give you some room for negotiating more favorable terms. Speak with your lawyer about the terms that would be best for your business, and consider building in a clause that allows you to sublet the space, should your business plans change in the next 5 or 10 years. Note the Maintenance Agreement Commercial leases differ significantly from residential leases in that not all commercial property leases automatically require the property owner to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance. Some leases require the tenant to pay for all maintenance, while other leases require the tenant to pay for maintenance only on certain systems (such as heating or cooling) on the property. Know what your lease is requiring of you before signing.  Know What the Terms Are If You Default Although you may not intend to default on your lease, sometimes things don’t go as business owners plan. Pay careful attention to the terms of your lease with regards to a default. If your business plan is particularly uncertain, you may want to negotiate the way a default would be handled to better suit your interests. Most important is to remain in constant contact with your attorney and to listen to the legal advice given to you at every step of the...

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3 Ways Credit Unions Rock

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It’s important to have credit of some form in today’s world. You need credit for cars and homes. Sometimes, your credit can affect whether or not you will get hired. A great way to show that you can handle customers’ money while working or a loan of your own is to have a good history with a bank. The problem is that many consumers are unhappy with their bank. High ATM fees, a lack of personal service, and high rates of interest on bank credit cards are just some of the reasons why many are displeased with their bank. If you’re not happy with the service you get from your bank, you may want to consider a credit union. Here are a few reasons why a credit union may suit your needs better.  You’re More Than a Number At a traditional bank, you’re just a customer. They’ll try to keep you happy, but if you leave, they won’t be too worried because there are many other customers just like you. It’s different at a credit union. Unlike a bank, credit unions are not-for-profit institutions. When you join a credit union, you become a stakeholder and profits and savings are passed to you, not to company stockholders. This means you will get personal service because you’re as much a member of the credit union as the people who work there. Interest Rates Are Lower Having a credit card or loan can help you pay off your bills in a pinch or fix up your house, but the interest rates from a traditional bank may make you think twice. Credit unions are concerned with making sure that members are happy, and they know that high interest rates are not the way to do that. You will often find that the interest on credit cards and loans is much lower with a credit union, which saves you money.  Using ATMs Is Often Free ATM fees can cause you to do a double take whenever you need to draw money out. Since you don’t always have time to get to a particular ATM just to get money or head into a branch of your bank, you may simply decide to skip going to the ATM altogether. With credit unions, using the ATM is usually free. Many credit unions are members of ATM networks that allow you to use an ATM without having to worry about paying fees just to access your money. If you have to use an ATM that is not in your credit union’s network, you’ll still save because most credit unions won’t charge for the transaction.  These are just three advantages of using a credit union that may help you decide if a credit union fits your life...

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Bitcoins Vs. Gold Coins: 3 Reasons Gold Is Safer Than Digital

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When deciding between investments in today’s volatile market climate, it is important to know if the money you put into an investment will still be there when you need to cash out. Bitcoins and other digital currencies offer the possibility of great financial gains in a dramatically shorter timespan than more traditional options, but do not currently offer the security needed to be a true store of wealth. Gold, on the other hand, offers the chance for gains while having a greatly reduced risk of losing the investment entirely. Gold Prices More Stable Gold has had its ups and downs in prices, fluctuating nearly $200 dollars an ounce over the course of a year. Bitcoin, which was introduced in 2009, has seen many spikes in price, fluctuating nearly $1000 a coin in a one year span. Although this fluctuation is an attractive feature for those looking to make a quick buck, those looking for a safe bet would be better served taking the investment with a more stable price. Bitcoins More Likely to Be Lost or Stolen As bitcoin use becomes more commonplace, there has been an increase in the amount of keyloggers and viruses which can be used to steal the digital currency. Once a bitcoin is stolen in this way, it is impossible for the original owner to recover the currency. In addition, if the harddrive the bitcoins are stored on crashes and there is no backup, or the owner forgets the password, the bitcoins will be lost for good. This is of particular importance to those looking for an investment strategy who are not the most tech savvy of users. If you do not know how to use computer and internet encryption, do not regularly remember to backup your files, or often forget your passwords, then you should think carefully before investing in bitcoins. Gold More Useful in an Emergency Gold coins were used thousands of years before electricity or computers were in widespread use, while bitcoins require electricity and the internet to use. If you need quick money in case of an emergency, you will not be able to convert bitcoins into a spendable currency. An example of where this could be a problem is after a hurricane knocks out power in a widespread area, or if you live in a nation where the government is known to shut off access to the internet. With gold, there will almost always be someone willing to accept it, even if at a much less favorable rate than you could expect in better circumstances. For more information about buying and owning gold, go to this...

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